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Scaling Retail on the Go: Coral Gables, Paris and Istanbul

Scaling Retail on the Go - Edition 1

It’s been an especially busy fall here at Scaling Retail- including trips around the world! Here’s a quick ab showook at some of our favorite recent events.

Scaling Retail on the Go - Coral Gables, Paris, Istanbul

A Digital Marketing & Social Media Workshop in Coral Gables, FL

I took a trip to hot and sunny Florida with two members of the Scaling Retail team, Logan and Jan, to host a workshop on digital marketing. The specific focus was social media and we brought together local businesses in the Coral Gables area to learn about their businesses and chat about topics like how to work with influencers, analyzing digital strategies and industry best practices.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Workshop - Coral Gables I was able to interview and work with three hand-selected brands – POOL LabShow (a really cool high end women’s design store), Pecan’s Day Spa and Cafe Curuba. I helped them strategize based on what’s happening with their businesses through one-on-one hour long consultations, before I gave a three-hour presentation to audience of 200! I emphasized how important it is to leverage social media (and how to activate it) and analyzed business’ websites to give personalized feedback and actionable next steps.

Store visits came next as we walked into several boutiques in Miracle Mile and elsewhere in the neighborhood. Finally, we closed the day by meeting with key stakeholders from the city to give a presentation on the importance of social media. These stakeholders were City of Coral Gables, Chamber of Commerce Coral Gables, The Business Improvement District (BID) and people from different local firms, including a rep from Zyscovich Architects.

My biggest takeaways?

1) I discovered that a lot of retailers didn’t realize how important social media was as a tool for driving traffic into their stores.

2) I found out that so many retailers were on the same block and they never spoke to one another! I pointed out the missed opportunity for collaboration for occasions like event marketing.

3) Over 30% of people in Coral Gables speak Spanish as a secondary or primary language, and yet marketing and advertising always appears in English. Both languages are typically spoken in stores and many store owners are even bilingual, however, their digital assets don’t reflect this. I highlighted the opportunity to be more sensitive to native language and explained why it’s important to utilize both languages in marketing materials.

International Fashion Academy (IFA Paris)

Traveling across the pond, International Fashion Academy Paris left me absolutely impressed! It’s a very hands-on, professional school and all of the classes are taught in English. All of the students have to do internships and get real-life experience which is something I think is really lacking in a lot of fashion education schools today. They usually teach a lot of how-to’s but don’t actually encourage you to implement them. Fashion is a very hands-on industry. You just don’t know it until you do it.

First, I was interviewed by Anastasios Sofroniou- an incredibly smart and knowledgeable IFA Paris mentor/designer/professor at the school. Next, came an inspiring Q&A session with students from the school. The sheer diversity among the group was fascinating! There were students from South America, Vietnam, India, Nigeria… so many different parts of the globe were represented. Their questions reflected a global audience too, with questions about topics like their local markets and sustainability. It was a very forward-thinking audience and they surprised with questions about politics, feminism and even being a woman in the industry. It was definitely an exciting and rejuvenating conversation!

Brand Week Istanbul 2017

Finally, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Brand Week Istanbul 2017 where my husband was a speaker! It was a cool event with a very global group of attendees – Iran, Switzerland, France, Mexico, Spain, The U.S…. And while the talks on stage were definitely inspiring, the conversations in the VIP room were the most riveting. All of the speakers would hang out there in their downtime, sharing ideas.

Brand Week Istanbul 2017We talked about how it doesn’t mean much to get a Cannes Lions Award as an agency. Ideas need to be fueled with outside funding and pushing the envelope for better marketing requires more with technology – and not just graphic assets.

We also talked about how it’s important to design based on market feedback. Don’t just design and push to market. Think about the market and consumer before you design the goods.

I heard Tom Goodwin’s talk and there are two things he said that totally stuck with me:

  1. Everyone in this room has lived in a pre-digital age and we’re not yet in a post-digital age. Meaning, technology is not yet totally integrated where everything is seamless. For example, you can open a new computer and not know if it’s a touchscreen – some are and some are not. Most of today’s technology is driven by taking something that existed pre-digital and copying and pasting it into a digital version. For instance, Amazon basically copy and pasted the idea of a catalog into the digital realm.
  2. The companies people consider to be tech companies are doing well (Uber, Airbnb and others). They’re seamless integrations of what we didn’t know we wanted or needed and now we can’t live without them. They use technology but they aren’t tech companies and they have new business models. They follow an empathetic way to create product that connects with the consumer. The best improvements in tech and products will come from things created with empathy. He says every company should be a tech company at heart. We cannot not be tech companies and flourish, similarly to how we always emphasize at Scaling Retail that every company needs to be a media company. Think of tech as the infrastructure and media as the external facing component.

Stay tuned for more of our international inspirations, projects and travel!

How to Work with Micro Influencers


Hi, I’m Syama Meagher, CEO of Scaling Retail, and today let’s talk a little bit about how to work with micro influencers. You know, micro influencers are really the next big deal. Editors, bloggers, they’re all taking a look at these micro influencers in order to see what they’re posting and what they’re trending. It’s so interesting to see how in this age of influencers, and I say this very heavy, because obviously these guys charge a ton of money, these big influencers – but in this age of influencers, the micro influencers are really where it’s at. So today let’s unpack how we work with these guys, how to negotiate rates, and ultimately the best ways to engage with them.

So firstly, it’s very important, guys, I did a recent panel over at Conde Nast with the editors of Vogue, of W Magazine, and they were telling me that they were actually paying more and more attention to micro influencers, and the reason why is that micro influencers have much higher conversion than their large-scale influencer counterparts. Now when I say micro influencers, what I mean are essentially the influencers who have just a couple thousand followers. Maybe they actually only have about, you know, a 2% engagement, but possibly it’s even higher because these guys are in a more focused atmosphere.

Next, when working with these micro influencers, it’s important to really understand in this new era, some of them are not even sure that they can be charging money, or really how much they can be charging. So one of my favorite things to do when working with them is to simply offer up an email and say, “Hey, can we collaborate? Is there an opportunity to trade, or can we see how we can work together?” As opposed to saying, “Can you send me over your rate sheet or your ad sheets,” right? Those are obviously things that we’re used to seeing from larger influencers.

Of course, guys, these micro influencers are going to be growing just as the large-scale influencers did about five to seven years ago. So trust me, they’re going to be growing in size as well as in what it is that they’re asking for in terms of payment. So if you can get in on the ground now and start to activate with micro influencers, you might find actually, that you’re going to get a better rate, and better exposure, and better conversion than you would if you jump on this bandwagon in about a year from now.

Now of course, I’m hyping up these guys, but how actually do you evaluate them and where should you be looking? Well, personally I think it’s very important to take a look at smaller cities where these micro influencers might actually be able to have a much larger visibility in terms of their market. So when you think about places like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles that can be oversaturated, when it comes to micro influencers, think about smaller cities. Think about going global, right? Think about all the different places where your product might actually reach a more targeted audience that might actually convert a little bit better.

Now next, like I mentioned, you want to make sure these guys are turning over some great conversion. So take a look on their likes, take a look at who’s commenting, and do a little bit, you know, further digging. See who these people are and make sure that they’re real people and not just bots. Again, micro influencers do not have millions of followers, they might have 5,000 or less, so keep that in mind as you’re perusing.

All right guys, good luck with launching your micro influencer campaign. Remember, this is a new, hot marketing strategy. This is something that’s not going to be around in the next few years as these micro influencers continue to grow. Certainly there will more and more that are entering the space, but you definitely want to make sure that you get in on this trend before it blows up. If you want tips and tricks about how to do digital marketing, head on over to scalingretail.com, and if you’re ready to have us help you with your social media strategy, shoot us an email at hello@scalingretail. Please subscribe, follow our YouTube channel, it’s one of my favorite places to be, but we’re also on Instagram and Facebook. We are where you are. All right guys, have a fantastic day. Thanks, bye.