12 Merchandising Tips for E-Commerce

Merchandising Tips from Creating Fashion Websites That Sell, by Nicole Giordano and myself, Syama Meagher.

Merchandising your website is important, you may not have a collection of 20 styles, but anything you can do to or­ganize your collections and make it easier for your custo­mers to find what they’re looking for, is a great thing.

1. Keep your category pages to a minimum 5 styles.

2. If you have 5 or fewer styles when launching then stick to 3 product images per row, and make them large images. This way it will extend to two rows.

3. If you have only a few styles but they come in multiple colors, show them. Customers want to see all the options they have.

4. Always think about how your customer will want to shop.

5. Create fun categories (in addition to the basic categories) like :Sweet & Simple, Comfy & Cozy, Party Time, Favorite Holiday Gifts. This is where you can push forward your points of view and curate a more editorialized space for your products.

6. Offering items within a certain price point? Gifts under $100 is always a good idea to have if it’s within your brand strategy.

7. Best Sellers. Have you sold certain products from your brand over and over again? It’s always great to showcase the products that do well.

8. Sale Section. Do you have markdowns? Products that are going to be on sale for a limited period of time? This is where you can house them. It makes more sense to keep your sale items in their own category than to merchandise them with products on the regular merchandise pages.

9. Add a prominent “view all” to each category page if you have more the 2 pages of products. There is fatigue if you have to click through more than 3 pages.

10. Categories are to be used to help customers find your products, so don’t create too many just for the sake of it.

11. Color Filter. Unless you have a wide variety of products on your site, don’t bother adding this.

12. If you prefer to sell by collection, not product category, be con­sistent and list the names of the collection on the side bar.