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5 Steps to Implementing Retarget Marketing on Facebook

5 Steps to Implementing Retarget Marketing on Facebook

As a social media advertiser, you’ve likely seen multiple references to retarget marketing. Retarget marketing is the process of creating funnels to market to individuals for the second time they’ve seen your brand. Retarget marketing is very powerful because these audiences are already engaged so they’re much more likely to convert.

Here are five steps to implement your first Facebook retarget marketing campaign today.

1. Select Your Retarget Marketing Audience.

The first step is choosing your audience. Choose from audiences including Facebook followers, product page visitors or your website visitors. You may segment even further from there. For example, your website visitors may be narrowed down to visitors who left after visiting the homepage, people who left after visiting product pages, shoppers who abandoned the checkout process, et al. It’s important to be strategic. Look to see where you’re getting the most traffic and begin with that audience.

2. Create Assets or Select Dynamic Product Ads.

Once you’ve selected your audience, it’s time to create the graphic assets for your campaign. This option opens up the doors for more stylized lifestyle images of your brand. You may use dynamic product ads instead, however, these images are limited to product images pulled from the product page each audience member has visited.

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3. Write the Advertising Copy.

The first time you introduce a potential customer to your brand, you’re likely to present a strong hero image with brief copy. However, for the second time you expose a customer to your brand (retargeting), it’s more appropriate to use friendlier and more personalized language. The copy should continue to be brief since they already know who you are. This iteration of copy is less about introducing the brand and more about building a relationship.

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4. Select a Time Frame.

With retarget marketing, you can run different types of ads for different periods of time to capture customers at various points of their falloff journeys. You can choose customers who first engaged with your brand at time frames as diverse as 180 days ago, 30 days ago or just last week. It’s an excellent way to layer your marketing funnels. For example, you can retarget a set of customers for six months with a different campaign every two weeks to maintain newness and cultivate excitement.

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5. Choose Your Retarget Marketing Budget.

Retarget marketing is expensive if you have a low-traffic site because you’re paying for a higher acquisition cost per potential customer. Therefore, the more traffic you have, the more effective retarget marketing becomes. As a fashion startup, it’s possible to spend $1,000 per month on digital advertising with a smaller budget put aside for retarget marketing. However, expect to see the most success when your visitor count surpasses 5,000 monthly website visitors. Note: Use a budget ratio of 70:30 for marketing to new audiences vs. retarget marketing audiences.

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