5 Tips to Grow Your Email List

5 Tips to Grow Your Email List

Why is email acquisition so tough? Especially on an e-commerce site. Everyone has a newsletter pop-up and how many coupon codes can you really send to family and friends? Here are a couple of tips that really work- read on and implement them.


1. Create a product giveaway. Everyone loves something free and contests are great too. Drive traffic to your new email acquiring landing page or pop-up with paid advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook or Instagram.


2. Create compelling content and syndicate it. If your content is good, they’ll want to subscribe to see more. If you’ve built up your brand’s YouTube channel, directly ask your viewers to come to your site and subscribe. Ask your Instagram following to sign up for your “new” newsletter. Hey, no one knows that it’s not new?


3. Create fun and catchy opt-ins. I love what Pura Vida does for their brand. If your brand doesn’t have a casual attitude, find a style that will do the trick.

Pura Visa Instagram Example


4. Use referral marketing. Sign up for a platform like Referral Candy, there are lots of similar options. Start implementing referral marketing with the people who are already your customers. A customer refers a friend to the site, and gets 20% off his or her next purchase. It’s clean and simple- let your customers do the work.

5. We talk a lot about driving traffic digitally, but what about in person? Your customers deserve a 360° brand experience. If you do a pop-up shop, sell at a flea market or do any type of selling that is live, bring your iPad and incentivize your captive audience to sign up for your email list.

Good luck on your journey of growing your email list! It’s not easy, it takes time, but it’s well worth it. Email is golden!