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7 Essentials To 10x Your Online Sales

Creating a website is one of the first steps to a successful business. When customers are online shopping and comparing products or services between different websites, you want to create a first impression that makes them stay on your site and choose your products over others. Once your website is created, sharing it with the intended market can be difficult, let alone attracting paying customers. Here are 7 tips you can use to boost your online sales 10x: 

Cohesive Content

Staying fresh and exciting is the best way to capture your audience. Branding yourself and creating consistent content will increase interest in your site, bringing more customers your way. Follow these tips to ensure your website has exciting content.

  • Plan photoshoots a few times a year for fresh content. Mix up the photos on your website to keep interest.
  • Have a brand-voice expert write your copy to keep content culturally relevant. 

Split Test Website Components

Your homepage is the most important for split testing because it is often the first impression for your brand. Even small things, like color placement, create a huge difference in website traffic. Once your website has been live for some time, think about these aspects to ensure you are split testing in the areas that can help you most.

  • Geography. Where in the world are customers coming from? 
  • Entry Points. How are people finding your website, and on which page do they enter most often?
  • Repeat customers. What about your website is creating the most repeat purchasers?

Heat Mapping

Heat mapping can be very beneficial to your conversion optimization because understanding the pages of your website with the most traffic can help you edit and optimize less visited pages. Using website analytics, it is most beneficial to determine which pages visitors go to most of the time as well as how much time they spend on these pages.


Keeping merchandise fresh and interesting is one sure-fire way to create repeat customers and increase sales. Whether you are selling products or services, keeping the sales page exciting will surely help your online store. When thinking about how to list products, think about what will draw a customer in. Follow these tips to boost sales.

  • Be consistent with releases. Think about compatible products or services that go well together and make those recommendations.
  • Expand on existing products. Think about offering different colors, different styles, or different sizes.
  • Delivery! Whether local, national, or international, free or low-cost delivery is something that customers often look for.

Drive New Traffic

Because you can’t sell anything without people on your website, traffic basically goes hand in hand with heavy sales. Marketing is not always a fun job, but it is a necessary one. You want to attract new customers to your website just as much as you want to turn your existing clients into repeat ones. Follow these tips to create an influx of site visitors.

  • Paid Traffic Channels. Marketing has become simpler via social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook ads. These can often be tailored by gender, region, or interests.
  • International. If you are able to ship or sell a service worldwide, you will want to market worldwide. Global audiences increase sales and show other countries that you are worth looking at because you have outgrown a domestic marketing region. 
    • Popular areas to export from the US include China, Japan, Europe, and Australia. International hotspots can be found with ads.

Payment Gateways

Once you have an audience purchasing goods and services from your site, you want to offer seamless payment opportunities. Follow these tips for seamless payments.

  • Keep choices simple. Offer Apple Pay, Shopify, or Google Pay which people are likely to be familiar with.
  • When checkout is fast, it seems easy and customers will feel leave the site satisfied

Customer Service

It is cheaper to keep an existing customer than to obtain a new one, so repeat purchasing is important and customer service is a large part of creating happy customers who want to come back. Follow these tips to ensure customer return.

  • Consider offering free shipping to pique interest 
  • Offer reasonable return windows
  • Make customer service available while visitors are on the site through a chatbot

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