How to Brand Yourselves Better in This Competitive Market


Businesses have been selling their products and services for years but they have never known the real reason about their increase or decrease in sales. Previously, people were not picking feathers in search of an environmentally friendly and economic product but today the tables have turned for businesses. People are more aware than ever before and need their products or services with a story, something meaningful, which when they use, describes them as a person.

The changing mind perceptions of customers all around the world has brought about a whirlwind change in business strategies and branding of their products or services. Re-branding or improvement in branding is needed to make customers cross the shop entrance and view the products and services inside.

There are several ways to make your branding better to attract more customers, as Patagonia does, and make them brand loyal so that they hold a tight grip to your business. These ways are:


This step involves the understanding of the market you exist in, what the customers need and what causes do they support. Customers need a clear explanation of what they are buying or using.

Brainstorm Values

You need to think and brainstorm about values that your target audience will rate higher. For example, if you have recently observed an inclination towards organic products, you might think of rebranding your business, consequently altering your products to adjust the brand description. It even happens that you highlight one feature of a product and your competitor highlights another, which everyone loves, so try to re-brand the product to create new values.


When campaigning, always try to describe your product or service precisely and outline all the characteristics. Make an impact with concise statements that creates an image of quality and customer orientated product. Extensive campaigning re-enforces your brand image and calls to action.


Differentiation is an important rule that should be followed by every company. What separates your product from the competitor’s is your strong point and is the basis of your branding.

Same Page

If you are re-branding your image then you must take extra care and show responsibility in notifying your clients and informing your customers. It is important to be on the same page.


Once you have formulated your strategy and given a hint to customers through social media or other means, the next step is to get feedback on what they think of the new and improved brand.

Always try to relate some kind of logic when creating values. This helps customers associate and relate better to the product or service you are offering. Promoting or displaying your product innovatively can help your brand.

A smart example can be of Patagonia. Patagonia is a cloth store that traces its manufacturing process from start to finish educating customers of what they believe in. The company sells its products through either creative storytelling that relates to customers through the magnificent display or a cause, which the company supports. Some of their stories include Worn Wear and DamNation, which are either product or process focused. You can view the Patagonia video on

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