Chinese Internet Kingpin Alibaba to Capture US Small Business Niche

How the Chinese colossus, Alibaba, will affect the small businesses in the US? This question has been in heat for quite some time now, as experts are bewildered with Alibaba being whether a golden opportunity or a dime. As it is a China based group, business owners in US are still puzzled about what Alibaba and its ventures are all about.

As per the claims of Alibaba’s CEO, Jack Ma, they consider themselves the guardians and supporters of the little guys in the corporate world, that is, the small businessmen and women. They help them accumulate in their respective niches through internet technology, but most people doubt that if this is actually the case.

According to a product director of an online fraud protection company, the Alibaba’s reach is enormous to catch the market in the US. He suggests that either the Alibaba Group can use one of its existing platforms to accomplish its goal or set up a nascent platform. Though not all the US key players see eye-to-eye regarding the Chinese giant, as they think going along with their ball game is a double-edged sword.

But there are some plus points of working with Chinese manufacturers like having the augmented potential of competition within the US market, for example. Chinese manufacturers also have the luxury of less strict regulations and cheaper labor, which will aid in producing the similar products to American manufacturers, for lesser costs.

Tudor’s, one of the divisions of the Alibaba Group, spokesperson said that there is no need for their “to be” American competitor, Amazon, to worry about the Alibaba’s TMall service just as now. For the time being, they are still focused on the Chinese market and are still in their planning phase for conquering the US market. As for their motto of being the supporters of small businesses, they are going keep it consistent for the US businesses as well.