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How to Brand Yourself Before You Get Branded

Brand Yourself Before You Get Branded

Brand yourself before you get branded. As a small business owner, you might be thinking to yourself, well, who cares about me and why should I worry about that? Mostly because as a small business owner, chances are you are leveraging transparency. You are leveraging the authenticity of who you are and why your story is important. Also, maybe you’re showing behind the scenes you as the founder or as the designer. Those things become important.

Your Story Is Important

Who you are becomes important. Unless, of course, you’ve chosen to totally have your brand be totally separate from you. When it comes to really building your brand, one of the techniques a lot of brand owners use is adding a lot of themselves into their communications. If you are managing your business, and you are going to be doing all of these things, then it is important you start to think about how you brand yourself.

Branding can take on a whole lot of forms and meanings. You can also start to share your story on larger platforms. Get on a stage. Talk to people about the struggles of being an entrepreneur, maybe the struggles of a niche, or type of entrepreneur that you are. Think about your brand and story.

Find Your Brand Voice

In the beginning stages, you might be wondering, “Well, what is it that I have to say? What makes my voice so important?” Your unique perspective and who you are as an individual has clearly brought you to the point where you own a business. Owning a business is not something everyone can do. Your story and passion is unique. It’s got to be authentic. It’s important that it’s something that feels really true and resonates with you.

You can start writing vlogs, becoming a contributor to a variety of other blogs, and start to get the messaging out there about your brand. I would also suggest reaching out to other brands who are in your same space, becoming friends. Understand that while you’re both targeting the same demographic, you have your own unique positioning and product. That type of confidence that comes with that type of conversation really is what’s going to set you apart from other people who are not confident about their brands, or aren’t willing to take a stand for what they believe in, and what they’re doing.

Why Should You Care About Branding?

Lastly, you might be wondering, “well, is all of this really important, and what does it really lead up to?” For those of you who are planning on growing your small fashion companies or going from a medium-sized business to a large business, you might be looking eventually for investments. You might be looking to hire people. They’re going to be wondering, “who is this business owner, why should I trust this person’ and what is it that they’re doing out there to really help support their brand and their vision?”

Branding yourself is ultimately the gateway to helping your brand see goals and success come to fruition. At the same time, keep in mind, when you’re an entrepreneur, chances are your first business is not going to be your only business. By branding yourself, you open yourself up to more opportunities for success down the road on a personal level. You’ll then be able to find collaborations more easily, inspiration more easily, because people will be coming to you and engaging with you.

Have a lot of fun branding yourself. Look at your LinkedIn profiles. Make sure all of that is well-articulated. Make sure all your job descriptions are on there. Like many people’s content on LinkedIn. It’s becoming a great new platform for understanding your own brand and seeing how other people are branding themselves. Also be mindful of any of your other social media channels. Those things are always going to be a reflection on you.

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