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How to Find a Co-Founder

How to Find a Co-Founder

Finding a co-founder can be one of the hardest things you have to do for your business. As the designer, the person who wants to launch a brand, you want it to be perfect. However, you may not be able to succeed on your own without the skill set and manpower of an additional person. There is a lot to be done when it comes to launching and running your own fashion brand.

If you realize you’re in need of a co-founder, congrats! However, finding a co-founder can be a daunting task. Not everyone needs one, but if you’re ready to get one for your fashion company, use the criteria below to make it a successful search…

Identify Your Core Competencies

As a business professional, a leader, a creator… where do you excel? What do you know that you can bring to the table? If an investor was investing in your business, what would she be investing in? Remember, what you have is not just the business idea, but you as a business leader and brand owner.

Assess Your Personality

Start thinking about your personality:

  • Who are you as an individual?
  • How do you engage with other people best?
  • What kind of complementary personality types will be able to work with you?

Launch Your Co-Founder Search

Once you’ve identified what you need in someone else- and who you are, it’s time to start your search. It’s exciting and daunting, but also something that can ultimately give you and your business a real fighting chance at success. Finding a co-founder is no easy feat. In fact, I suggest you begin with some serious networking, including making sure you’re getting out there in the industry joining local groups and forums.

See who else is out there. Who else in the business space or creative industries is looking for a co-founder or partner?

Make a Trial Run.

Lastly, never sign up to work with someone on contract, unless you’re sure it’s a good fit. This might mean having a short NDA, working together on a couple of projects, and really assessing your personalities. Would you have married every single person you dated? In the same vein, why sign up for co-founder partnership if you haven’t been able to determine it’s the right fit? Chances are the first or second person you meet may not be a good fit. They might be talented and wonderful in their own ways, but you have to find the person who’s right for you.

Good luck with your search. Have fun looking for a co-founder and remember you can be very successful without one. However, having someone else around to help you work on your business can be magical.

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