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How to Launch Your Fashion PR Strategy

How to Launch Your Fashion PR Strategy

Launching your PR on your own can be one of the most difficult and necessary things you’ll have to do for your own business. If you don’t have the budget to hire someone at a $1,000 to $10,000 a month, you might be looking to implement many of these strategies that I’m going to share with you.

Track the Right Keywords

I highly suggest signing up for an application called BuzzSumo; it allows you to track the top keywords in your niche across different platforms. How does everyone end up with good press? Well, it doesn’t happen without knowing all the key blogs and areas of business you should be pitching. Don’t think that getting in Vogue is always the best shot here. You might be looking at targeting different journalists or editors, and those people you’ll be able to find on BuzzSumo.

Develop a List Building Strategy

Make sure that you have an idea of your targeted list building strategy. I’ve seen so many clients take a big list of what’s handed to them and just decide to cold pitch everyone. But, not all of these people care about what you’re selling. So the big thing here about list building strategies is to make sure you’re targeting the right people. Go on LinkedIn, make sure they’re still working at that company, and then using a platform like to make sure you’ve got the right email address. It basically allows you to find almost anyone’s email address, if you know the company they work for, and it’s free.

Pitch Consistently

Not getting a response isn’t a “no”, it’s just a “not right now”. As the CEO of your business, you have a duty and dedication to be able to consistently hit these editors and these stylists, every week or every month with your content and with your branding. And if you don’t hear back from them, you should continue to make sure that you’re sending them content monthly. Make sure you use something like a tracking software. I like to use Yesware, but Streak and Boomerang are also great. All three platforms allow you to actually be able to tell if someone’s opened up your email or not.

Nurture Relationships

Think about these PR people as regular people too. If you just sent someone a party invitation, would you expect them to show up the first time they’ve ever heard from you? Probably not. So you have to start nurturing these relationships and understand the reason why PR agencies get paid so much money is really because they have the relationships, the contacts, and they take the time on a day to day basis to nurture those audiences. You must make sure you’re also taking the time.

Only Pitch When It’s Newsworthy

Most importantly, you have to make sure when doing your own fashion PR that you have a strategy and a timeline. How often are you pitching during the year? What types of pitching are you doing? What’s actually newsworthy? If you’re just launching out for a company, a launch is only valid for the first two months, right? You can’t be launching for a whole year. So you have to really sit down and figure out, “what’s new and exciting in my brand, and how can I make a lot of noise in order to give that a lot of impact?”

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