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Lululemon Stretching out Its Athletic Products in Men’s Wear

Branding from the scratch and making the brand popular and well famed for its attributes is not even close to being a cakewalk and takes years to build up reputation among people. On the other hand, those brands that already been established for decades, introducing new assortments is not much of a difficult task for them. These brands have already made their place in the market and since people know their quality and reliability, they are readily up for trying out anything they introduce in the market.

Such is an example of Lulelemon Athletica Inc., a brand known for the assortment of women yoga and athletic wear, as they have decided to stretch out their brand in men’s yoga wear as well. The expected hit in the men’s wear business is about $216 million in the upcoming few years. The brand envisions that they can achieve this goal by diversifying their men’s wear assortment and adding more categories to it beyond yoga outfits.

The brand took this step in order to recuperate from the troubles it faced in 2013 with their too-sheer women pants, and struggled to deal with the problem that came up amid the stiffer women’s yoga wear in comparison to the competitors. Along with that, last year, the brand cut off the nose to spite the face by offending their customers by suggesting them that they may be too old for wearing the brand’s clothing. After that incident, the CEO of the company had to leave the company because of the damage that was caused on the image of the brand.

For now, Lululemon has planned on keep on developing flexible men’s outfits that provide maximum comfort for activities like eating out, working out and travelling. They are keeping high hopes with their new assortment of men’s wear and soon will expand it to bring to the same level as their women’s wear.