On NPR with Warby Parker & Syama Meagher


I was recently interviewed by Esther HU from NPR to discuss the future of retail along with Warby Parker CEO Dave Gilboa.

Listen and read the interview here

Excerpts from my interview:

“With food trucks becoming more and more open and available, and the kind of migration of bringing that, I actually think that pop-up shops kind of followed suit,” says Los Angeles-based retail industry consultant Syama Meagher. She’s been watching pop-up retailing develop for the past half decade.

“Larger online brands are bridging together these empty spaces and starting to find ways to get in front of their customers,” says Meagher.

“You’re going to have a chance to experience brands unlike you have before. Being that they’re going to be in your hands, in your face and in your minds and on your phone all at once, and all at one time,” says consultant Meagher.