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Spend Less and Grow Sales

Spend Less and Grow Sales

It’s so important for every business to learn how to spend less money while still increasing sales. The first thing we ask our clients to do is to evaluate all of the different marketing channels they’re currently spending on. If you’re like most people, you’ve been doubling your advertising across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other high-traffic websites. There are lots of places where you can spend your advertising money- which one is right for you?

Get Selective with Advertising Channels.

If you just realized you’re spending too much money on advertising, the next step is to narrow it down and focus on the channels you value most. I suggest a combination of platforms based on your demographics. You’ll need to do some research to figure out where your customers spend their time and how they’re most likely to see your ads.

Focus on Email Marketing Campaigns.

Newsletter marketing is one of the most valuable tools you can use to continuously engage your customer. People who subscribe to your newsletter already love your brand. You can choose to market to them on a weekly basis and sometimes multiple times a week. You can even segment your list to target people who are recurring customers and those who’ve signed up but have yet to purchase anything. Start to think about list building and segmentation in terms of what is going to help you get the most regenerative income. It’s likely going to be more specific than targeting everyone on your list.

Develop Your In-House Team.

Look at what PR firms do and think about how you can adopt the same practices. PR firms bridge relationships with stylists, editors and influencers. They also help you get your products placed with retailers. However, PR firms can be very costly. If you think about ways you can start pitching all of these different channels regularly and begin building relationships, you’ll find yourself saving a couple thousand dollars a month, while building organic, meaningful relationships with those stylists, editors, and influencers. It does take time, however, it is possible to do it entirely on your own.

Ultimately, you should spend less money and learn more skills on your own. Think more strategically about how you’re leveraging your current time, capacities, and what it is you can actually do for your brand. Need assistance with revisiting your marketing or sales strategies? Email our team at