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The Critic’s Corner: 3 Emerging Brands to Watch for Mobile Marketing Inspiration

Mobile Marketing Inspiration - Sugarhigh + Lovestoned

Do you know how to maximize your mobile marketing returns with Instagram?

It’s critical for emerging brands to nail mobile marketing. In fact, many brands are launching with mobile-first platforms before designing for desktop devices. We’ve been keeping our eyes on the market and we love how the following emerging brands are winning at mobile marketing, primarily through their efforts centered on Instagram. These are three different brands with different types of followers but they’re using the platform in imaginative and effective ways to push various aspects of their businesses.


M.Gemi kicked off the holiday sales season with a creative strategy to push their collections of price-conscious Italian shoes. They used Instagram Stories to drive back traffic and sales to their mobile e-commerce platform. Their pre-Black Friday campaign was amazing for three reasons. First, they found an engaging and effective way to put gifs and pop-up copy to use. They also cleverly used a dollar amount in the promotion, choosing to forego the typical percentage off sales structure. Finally, M.Gemi’s Instagram ad took visitors back to their own mobile site where they were greeted with the same promotion.

M.Gemi excelled where most brands fall short. Most do a great job at promoting their products and featuring fun, creative material – however, they tend to fail when it comes to having the proper e-commerce and mobile support to back it up.


New Zealand-based sustainable and ethical fashion brand Kowtow uses Instagram Stories and their newsfeed to promote in-store and online promotions. This is a great example of driving traffic to a brick-and-mortar location as well as an online sale. It’s the perfect response to today’s consumer shopping habits – shopping in physical stores, trying on items in person and then ordering online, et al. The point is to market and offer your products in a way that allows them to shop in the ways that they desire. With 44K followers and counting, this international brand embodies the 360° marketing strategies we often discuss at the agency. Be sure to keep Kowtow on your radar.

Sugarhigh + Lovestoned

Cult favorite Sugarhigh + Lovestoned has leveraged their strong Instagram presence to build a loyal fanbase amongst consumers, retail buyers and celebrities alike. They’re a great example of strong branding that stays consistent across all channels, posts and advertising. Taking a stand for social justice and human rights through fun and carefree messaging and graphics, this brand is one to follow.

Mobile Marketing Inspiration - Sugarhigh + Lovestoned

Desktop user experiences aren’t going away anytime soon, but you only need to spend a day outside to grasp the true power and potential of mobile marketing. If you’re unsure about where to start, take a look at the kinds of tactics these brands have put into place and maybe begin with your Instagram marketing strategy. Social media is huge in just about any industry but up-and-coming fashion brands are especially finding it useful to quickly get the attention of consumers, wholesale buyers and members of the press.

Just be sure any social campaigns connect back seamlessly to your mobile e-commerce site. Dazzling Instagram ads can result in frustrated clients if they follow your calls to action, only to have to navigate to the proper page or deal with slowly loading links.

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