The Ultimate Fashion Marketing Toolkit

The ultimate fashion marketing toolkit is everything you need to have checked off the list before you officially launch your brand.

1. Branding Style

The very first thing you want to think about is what your branding looks like.

  • What are the primary colors you use on your logo and your website?

Aside from a visual branding style guide, you want to make sure you have a verbal guide as well.

  • What are the things you say about your business?
  • How do you say it?
  • Do you use “Made in U.S.A.”? Or is it “USA” without punctuation?

These tiny details are actually going to help you as you start to establish your communication and what it is you’re doing with your branding.

2. Logos and Other Assets

When you look at your logos, it’s important to figure out you’ll need more than one. If you’ve ever tried to upload a very long-form logo onto your Instagram account, you noticed that little tiny circle didn’t quite fit. As you’re developing your branding, make sure you have both a long and shorter-form logo you can use all over your different social media assets.

In alignment with that, take a look at your social media skins.

  • Are you using images?
  • Are you using the verbiage or even your brand tagline?

Make sure you have it all in place and that it resonates on whatever platforms you choose to be on. You might have all these great branded assets, logos and primary colors, but also start thinking about, “What are the types of products I’m going to be putting out there?” Not just the products you’re going to sell – assets like postcards, lookbooks, line lists…. Start to figure out what the different components are that will make up all of those different assets. That means both a combination of your verbal style guide and how you choose to write about your brand- in addition to all those great visual cues.

3. Sample Ads

Something that gets way overlooked, far too often, is how you’re actually presenting your advertising. No small business launches today without an advertising component. That advertising component is going to be things like your Instagram marketing, the paid marketing, your Instagram organic marketing, as well as paid and organic for platforms such as Facebook.

Having an idea of what that sample advertising will look like before you launch, allows you to have more cohesive branding as you go through those different launch campaigns. You might be saying to yourself, “Wow Syama, so many things that I have to think about, what’s the point in doing all of it now? I don’t even know if I have a product on my hands that’s going to sell.” Very good question. You need to be prepared to launch a cohesive campaign from the get-go. Before you even know if your product is viable, you need to make sure you’re communicating and getting your messaging out to the right potential customers.

Your customer is much smarter than you think they are. They notice if your advertising isn’t in alignment with your e-commerce site or if it’s not in alignment with your social media strategy. As you take a look at your lookbooks, lifestyle photography, photoshoots for behind-the-scenes photography, as well as any product shots, make sure everything launches in a 360 degree, cohesive messaging and branding campaign.

This checklist spans across so much. I hope you go through it thoroughly and make sure (before you start marketing) that you have all of these things tied up with a nice bow. Need support? Get in touch! Let’s begin with a 30 minute consultation session to see if we’re the right fit. Email us at