Sales Scaling Up

The Wholesale Strategy for Attracting an International Audience

We filmed a video on growing your global distribution through your wholesale accounts. This blog post serves to take those concepts even further, with an in-depth wholesale strategy you can start to put into motion today…

1. Show in Paris Market to Reach the World. 

Paris is a major hot spot right now- it is the market with buyers from New York and major international markets all converging in one place. Be sure to look into MAN/WOMAN Show, Premiere Classe, Who’s Next and the swimwear shows Splash Paris and Unique by Mode City. 

As a good rule of thumb, look to build your business with U.S. retailers, then look to Western Europe (especially Paris and London), strive for the Middle East next and then continue your distribution plans aiming for secondary and tertiary markets. Paris is also home to numerous top European showrooms as a lot of brands on the continent opt for the showroom route. Some great European showrooms include Polly King (LA, NY, Paris and London), RAINBOWWAVE (NY, Paris and London), Valery Demure (NY, Paris and London) and Awaykin (Paris and London). 

2. Secure Globally-Focused Retailer Accounts. 

Focus your pitching efforts on retailers known for catering to international audiences. Getting picked up by these retailers can put your brand on the fast-track for international growth and success. 

Galeries Lafayette and Le Bon Marche as two great examples:

Galeries Lafayette 

  • Department store located in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris (founding location)
  • Chain with 30 locations in France, 27 subsidiary stores, 10 current and soon-to-be-launched international stores and 12 outlet stores
  • International locations include Dubai, Beijing, Istanbul, Doha, Shanghai, Jakarta…
  • Works with numerous international brands 
  • Participates in collaboration-based pop-ups (i.e. SHOWROOM x Galeries in Berlin) and regularly hosts pop-ups in their stores (pop-ups by Tranoï, Prada, LOEWE and more)
  • Enjoys business and major brand recognition from shoppers around the globe

Le Bon Marché

  • Department store in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris
  • Reportedly the first department store in the world 
  • Works with numerous international brands 
  • Regularly features successful, creative pop-ups (from themed pop-ups like one centered on Los Angeles to brand-specific pop-ups like one for Nanushka) 
  • Enjoys business and major brand recognition from shoppers around the globe

3. Exhibit During Main Collection and Pre-Collection Shows.

Finally, spend more face time with potential clients by exhibiting during pre-collection markets too. It’s a great way to build your brand and stand out from the pack; to be sure, most of your competitors will only be exhibiting for the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter shows. This strategy will increase your trade show budget, but it also puts you in a prime position to increase brand recognition and boost sales. 

Next Steps: Sharpen Your Trade Show Savvy

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