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Video: Retail Roundup: Small Biz Tech- FlixStock & Celery

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This week, I’d like to chat with you about fashion retail technologies. You’ve heard a lot about e-commerce start-ups, dozens of businesses that are launching on e-commerce. But did you know there are tons of businesses out there to help make you do your job better, easier, and faster? A couple of these companies might surprise you, but you’ll find that through a lot of due diligence and research, you’ll ultimately be able to save money and hopefully keep your eye on the bottom line: sales.


FlixStock is pretty innovative and something you might have already thought about once upon a time trying to get products on your website. Of course, to have a really efficient e-commerce presence and pull together lookbooks and other marketing collateral, you need images that are easy and ready to go.

Lifestyle images, images conveying scale… how do we find the time and resources to pull together a photoshoot, hair and makeup, etc.? FlixStock has made the process a little bit easier. You can send them your still images (front, back and side angles) and they’ll go ahead and scale those images for you to the size you need showing scale. If you’re selling a handbag, you want to be able to show the handbag to the scale of let’s say a lipstick or an object where your customers can really get an idea of how big the product is.

In addition, they’ll get your products onto models. Choose from hundreds of different types of models and lifestyle shots and they’re going to go ahead and superimpose your images of product onto those models. They do it through seamless technology and in a way that actually helps you get your product faster. It’s so much easier than going through tons of different graphic designers and trying to find the right editors. We’ve all seen some different flub-ups when it comes to Ann Taylor and other brands who unfortunately did a terrible job at editing and Photoshopping, but through them you actually won’t have to worry about making those errors on your own.


Celery is pretty new. What I think is so cool is that they’re allowing designers and brands to pre-sell their items in a very easy, easy way. If you’re working on a new collection and you’ve secured manufacturing but want an idea of the markets and if your products will sell, sign up with Celery, put your product on their site, add the copy and start testing.

This is extremely valuable because you want to get an idea of what customers want. How else can you refine your assortment and edit that process before you take it to buyers and before you start approaching boutiques?

There are tons of other fashion retail tech companies out there. If you have any questions or want to talk more, please feel free to email us at