What are the five most important things executives should know about online shopping carts and the checkout process?

Answer by Syama Meagher:

  1. Use abandoned cart emails, and entice customers to come back with Free Ship or Price drop alert
  2. KISS (Keep It Simple Sam): When pushing customer through the funnel, make a one page checkout. Look at your Behavior Flow in analytics, where are they dropping off?
  3. Payment options: Gilt and other brands are hopping on the PayPal bandwagon. Diversify payment options (also, PayPal has super easy checkout.
  4. Keep the checkout button to the top right so that customers can continue shopping easily. If cart is too font and center, its much easier to check out then as opposed to browsing more. Luxury Designer Handbags, Shoes and Clothing (barneys) does a great job.
  5. Link Selling & Cross Selling, use these during the checkout process

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