What is the future of retail?

The Future of Retail

Answer by Syama Meagher:

Synergy in ecommerce & mobile. Predictive modeling to cater to customers needs as well as offer diversity and newness. Efficient mobile has to be tapped in retail beyond utility as a PR outlet. Innovation needs to be aggregated so that multi channel retailers know what options are available to them. Large retailers will continue to lag in implementation until they buy innovative tech retail companies and scale out processes. Once a retailer buys a tech company we will be looking into the future.

Small businesses are on the rise, and companies like, The Storefront: Pop-Up Shops, Retail Space, Booths at Markets, Event Space for Rent, Storenvy, and Goosdie: Create an online store with Goodsie’s store builder. It’s easy and stylish!  Make it easier than ever to innovate.

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