Which Is the Best Way to Increase the E-Commerce Sales?

Answer by Syama Meagher:

This is a two fold answer. The first, how can I drive traffic to my site. The second, how can I push someone through my funnel. There is a 2a which is how can I increase the lifetime value of my customer- you don’t want to be a one hit wonder.

I’ll let an online marketer share with you traffic suggestions. I’ll dive into #2- this is in respect to fashion (my wheelhouse), but you will be able scrape from it.

  1. Be clear on what you are selling. Don’t have too many headers on your site. If you are selling womens shoes, create obvious headers and filters (size, color etc.)
  2. Create calls to action. You want someone to buy- make it obvious. You want them to like your product- make it easy
  3. Use a platform which supports content details. I love Shopify. Great for content optimization. I like to use this site (supported by Shopify) for example of product description, sizing, FREE SHIPPING (love this one), and details. Elder Mens Parker, peacoat
  4. Link Selling: Show products that can be sold together and Suggest alternatives based on shopping patterns.
  5. Maximize each image: Don’t just feature one item if you can merchandise and sell multiple per image. Nasty Gals Do It Better. Shop Clothing, Shoes & Vintage does a great job of this.
  6. EASY CHECKOUT. Ton’s of sites get this wrong. IF you want people to checkout without hesitation create an easy 1-2 step checkout process. Too many steps, more opportunities to opt out.


  1. Abandoned cart emails. Great for reminding you what you left behind.
  2. Emails and content not geared towards selling: reverse marketing.

3. Creating value and community. Make your site sticky through engaging content.

I am sure there are a ton more strategies to all of these, but this is a good place to start. Also, never hurts to do comp research into the brands and sites that you believe are doing a good job, and scrape from that.

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