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Why Your Fashion Business Needs a Blog

Why Your Fashion Business Needs a Blog

Do you need a fashion blog for your fashion business? Well, how important is it to have a fashion blog? Should you be blogging about your business? What’s so interesting about your business? All of these things are important for you to examine.

Having a fashion business blog, is going to be useful. It will be effective in making sure you get SEO on your site and can keep your customers engaged. It will allow you to highlight all the authenticity, and all the aspirational values that your brand can offer your customer. I always like to tell people, you are selling feelings. You are not just selling products.” It is so critical that you create that connection, not only through your Instagram channels or Pinterest, but through a blog, because it is your unique voice. Having transparency and authenticity through a blog is going to really help your customers identify and make those repeat purchases.

Studies have shown that people who have blogs have a much higher probability of getting that first sale, because it gives your customers something that’s sticky. It gives them an opportunity to engage, and to learn more about you.

If you’re really committed to starting a fashion blog, write an editorial calendar of all the things that you’re going to be doing in the next six months., Decide what point of view is going to be specific to your business, what your voice is going to be like, and how are you going to convey that message. Every blog post is an opportunity to inject product, but also to inject other brands, and to create a more holistic lifestyle for your business. That’s necessary as we are not in the business of just selling products, but also in being media companies. Understanding that a blog is another way to brand yourself as a media company puts you far ahead of the game in search and brand communication.

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