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7 Characteristics of Successful Fashion Entrepreneurs

7 Characteristics of Successful Fashion Entrepreneurs

Are you on the path to success?

No two fashion entrepreneurs are alike and no two individuals share the same goals, strengths, passions or struggles. Still, there’s no question that the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry share a certain set of characteristics.

They’re actively engaged, surrounded by talent, willing to work on anything, and they have the right big picture perspective. They have steady temperaments and excellent negotiation skills, and they’re always sure to show gratitude and appreciation…

1. Actively Engaged

The most successful fashion entrepreneurs stay active and engaged in every aspect of their businesses. Even when it’s not your area of expertise, stay engaged. Always be aware of everything that is happening with your company. It’s your vision and your responsibility, its success or failure is largely up to you.

In fact, it’s important to stay curious. No matter how much success you’ve experienced, stay intrigued and continue to experiment.

Be a good cheerleader and inspiring visionary. Believe in what you do. Your team will only believe in your business if they buy into your vision. Show passion and rally others to get behind it.

2. Steady Temperaments

Employees want to work with founders who are focused, professional and levelheaded. Anxious or controlling fashion entrepreneurs make rash decisions. They’re often close-minded too, leading to limited visions and strategies. Maintain a steady temperament.

3. Surrounded by Talent

The savviest fashion entrepreneurs surround themselves with high quality talent. They hire the right consultants and employees.

Remember, it’s to your benefit to not always be the smartest person in the room- or the biggest expert in an area of your business. Embrace learning, teamwork and professional growth.

4. Willing to Work on Any Aspect of the Business

The most successful fashion entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. They’re willing to work on tasks that move up and down the ladder; nothing is below their pay grades. These founders don’t take issue with reconciling tasks outside of their domain, a simple reality of business at times.

5. Smart Negotiating Skills

Business owners negotiate every day, often multiple times per day. Founders negotiate time, money, priorities and more. Successful entrepreneurs know this and regularly work to improve their skills. Harvard University shares a suite of ever-useful tips.

6. Big Picture Perspective

The way you view your business has an incredible impact on its success (or lack thereof). Remember this: your first business isn’t usually your last.

Why? If your business is “your everything”, it will be all too easy to close yourself off to new ideas and to develop anxiety and fear. Take a step back. Detach your identity from your business. Now it can grow, evolve and take on a new life.

7. Grateful and Appreciative

Finally, successful entrepreneurs show appreciation and gratitude. They understand that no successful endeavor is truly achieved alone. They support their team members and the people who helped them along the way.

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