I started a new ecommerce website but I need your suggestion on how to improve it?

Answer by Syama Meagher:

Great start!
Scott mentioned some great points. To build on them, try the following:

  1. Add Lifestyle Images, product shots in context
  2. Have 3-5 images per line
  3. Your homepage should be interesting (add copy about your brand, an area to sign up and offer a small discount when they do!)
  4. Your shop section should be easy to navigate and purchase from : think 1 page checkout
  5. Write great copy about your products and your company
  6. Add more content: Do you have a blog, inspiration board? Behind the scenes of how the products are made? I need more info on who this brand is and who the customer is.
  7. Try using easy ecommerce solutions for checkout and site building like Goodise, Shopify or Storeny. If you are on wordpress and looking to add a shopping section think Vendevor or Woocomerce.
  8. Building your audience on social? Make sure to include links to Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook.
  9. Ask yourself the question: why is my product/brand so great? Now make sure people know this when they see your site.

Checkout this class on Converting Clicks to Cash: Fashion Ecommerce for Beginners should be super helpful.
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