Mindfulness For The Fashion Entrepreneur


Hey there! Thank you so much for tuning in. This is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. It is very important to be healthy while running your business. These easy steps can really make a difference on how you approach your daily tasks and making great business decisions.

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Here is a portion of the transcript!

As an entrepreneur, day to day, you have so many responsibilities, so many things that you’re having to work on. You’re constantly switching from the role of CMO, to CEO, to assistant, to intern, you’re basically everything for your business all the time. So the better that we actually can get at managing our time and the better we can get at being connected to the times that we are present, the better decisions that we’re going to make.

So if you had a hard time sleeping last night and it was maybe because you’re up checking your phone up until midnight. Well, I’m going to share with you this first step that’s really going to help you start to sleep better and it’s really going to start to help you detach from being connected. And that is something called a digital detox. Now, it doesn’t have to be as complicated or as daunting. I’m not asking you to turn away your cell phone for a whole week or to turn off your computer for a week, but simply taking some small steps on a regular basis will help you start to wind down, cultivate some sleep hygiene, and actually start to get a better rest at night. And therefore, allow you to be better and more productive in the morning. So how do you do that?

Well, my suggestion is to really start to set aside little chunks of time where you turn your cell phone off. If it’s not available to you to turn your cell phone off at 8:00 at night every night, and have dinner, hang out with friends, relax and go to bed. Then maybe even think about turning it off for an hour or two during the day. Will that be possible? Maybe it even possible to turn it off, have it off in the morning. Find an alternate alarm system or a way of getting up in the morning, so you’re not so reliant upon your cellphone as everything. As much as Apple wants us to rely on our cell phone to be our lifeline and connect us to everything, it’s actually really important for us for our REM cycles at night, when we’re sleeping, to be able to get our full night sleep and to be able to really detach from that. Maybe it’s just one night this week where you turn it off for an hour or two. Maybe you turn it off for the whole night and maybe you take a couple of minutes in the morning to actually breathe and acknowledge your space before you turn it back on again. Take some baby steps, but I guarantee over a period of time you’re going to see some real benefits and results for yourself, psychologically, which will then really relate to your business in a very tangible way.

All right, action plan number two. This one is pretty easy. Eat your lunch with both hands. Maybe eat your breakfast with hands. Maybe eat your dinner with both hands.

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