On Refinery29 with Shop It To Me & Syama Meagher

I was recently interviewed by Fawnia Soo Hoo for Refinery 29 on shopping tips for consumers. See below for an excerpt and link to full article.

” Return those unwanted items.”

“First rule of thumb: “Don’t buy from a shop that you wouldn’t want store credit at,” says Syama Meagher, CEO of Scaling Retail. “Plain and simple.” But then again, we’re not always thinking clearly in the midst of an impulse buy.

Also important: If you’re not going to shell out for shipping, make sure you’re not paying a fee to return an item, either. (Some retailers, including, J.Crew and H&M, deduct a return shipping fee out of your refund.) In this situation, Woroch — who we’re guessing never pays for anything she doesn’t want to pay for — would contact customer service and ask for a complimentary return label. “Often, they can extend a one-time courtesy to you if you are really unhappy with the item’s quality or fit,” she says. “You also want to call customer service to see if they can extend a return on a final-sale item if you’re really displeased with the purchase.”

Make sure to stay on top of your return-deadline windows. Meagher uses Gmail’s Boomerang to send her a reminder email seven days after she receives her item. “I do it on the digital receipt or tracking email,” she says……Customer service can also be your best shot at redeeming a discount when you miss the expiration date. “Usually, they will honor it for customer-service integrity,” Meagher says.”

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