5 Ways to Control Your Brand Image


Hi, I’m Syama Meagher, CEO of Scaling Retail.

These days, your brand image is so important, right? I mean, it is everything. That perceived value, it’s so important that you nail and get across to the consumer. And whether that is through social media, packaging, merchandising, your e-commerce platform, your collaborations, these are all the different ways in which you can actually start to perceive and get a better perceived value of your brand and really control the narrative and the story. Let’s dive into this a little bit further.

When it comes to understanding your e-commerce platform, clearly, it is so important that that is your brand hub and really where the entire brand lives. So, when you’re controlling and thinking about that perceived value and that brand messaging, your website can’t just be a template, and you can’t just be using some not so great copy. Great images, great templates, great copy, all of those three things are going to be so critical for making sure that you control the image on the website. Don’t forget to include in there, user experience, as well as the checkout process. Your website is golden, right? Again, this is where your brand lives.

Now, packaging is another very important way to control your imaging, and a lot of people do not consider packaging as maybe so high on their priority. They think, “Oh, I can just put it in a box, polybag it, maybe put a little ribbon on there, and call it a day.” That just doesn’t cut it anymore, guys. Packaging is actually your opportunity to really reinforce your brand to that consumer on a regular basis. Meaning, if you have some amazing postcards, catalogs, other kinds of collateral, maybe it’s a hand-written note card, other types of things that might stick around or have a longer desk-life than just a regular box, your branding is going to stay longer, which means there’s a higher opportunity of them coming back to your site and purchasing more if they love the product because, again, we’re reinforcing that brand, and it’s a very positive brand image when you have very thoughtful branded packaging.

And one thing that I think is so important that is, oftentimes, not really talked about is in-store merchandising, and I mean in-store merchandising, what the retailers are selling to. When you do get your product spot, it’s always a great idea to ask your retailers, “Hey, where is this going to sit on the selling floor? How do you think it’s going to be merchandised?” And be a part of that collaborative process. You’ll find that it’s actually going to help you tremendously when you start to think about your products in terms of that retailer and that merchandiser.

Now, the other thing that is obviously so important here is social media, social media marketing. It’s not something that you want to hand off to your interns. In fact, it’s something you want to have clear and close control over. Do not let that brand messaging go anywhere else.

And, last but not least, guys, your collaborations, who you choose to align your brand with is so important. Whether that’s an influencer, what kind of influencer, what else are they posting about, whether that’s a blogger or even editorial press, where your brand gets seen is really important to orchestrating and crafting the right brand message, so choose your partners wisely.

All right, guys, I hope you have a great hang and handle on your brand messaging and how you’re going to push for it on your brand platforms. Please feel free to shoot me an email at hello@scalingretail.com, or head on over to scalingretail.com to get more blogs, articles, and videos. Do make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, and please come find me. I’m over on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. I am where you are. Thanks, guys.

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