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The CEO Wellness Toolkit

The CEO Wellness Toolkit

Fashion brand CEOs, what keeps you going every day? Business is tough and the business of running a fashion brand is one of the tougher businesses out there. If you don’t already have go-to stress management and wellness-promoting tools on your side, now is the time to create your own CEO wellness toolkit.

My CEO wellness toolkit consists of a number of tools that help me feel good and help me stay centered, focused and balanced. They fuel brain power while sparking creativity. They make 12 hour days at the computer manageable, enjoyable and, well – possible. Here’s my CEO wellness toolkit. It won’t look exactly like yours, but I hope it will inspire more ideas in the process.

Wellness Apps

Insight Timer
I love this mindfulness meditation app. It offers wonderful guided meditations – from 5 minutes to 2 hours long. I like to begin my workday with a 5 minute meditation on this app. It takes up so little time but it’s incredibly effective. Download it here.

The Five Minute Journal
I’m sure you’ve heard it before but it definitely rings true in my life… when I feel gratitude everything is put into perspective. Gratitude pushes me through the tough moments in business and the longest and hardest days. I love this app. I use it to create a short morning gratitude list sto start my days with intention. I use it in the morning but it’s a great addition to the start or end of each day. Download it here.

Vitamins and Supplements

I love vitamins and supplements. I feel they make a really big difference with my energy levels, productivity, focus and mood. I take Total Human by Onnit every day. The set comes with a morning pack of vitamins and an evening pack. The many ingredients include B vitamins, brain-boosting vitamins, vitamins for bone health, immunity-boosting vitamins, spirulina, chlorella and more.

I’m also a big fan of nootropics, anti-aging supplements commonly referred to as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers. I take Basis by Elysium Health.


I read interdisciplinary books to stimulate my mind with a variety of topics. I usually choose business books, books on wellness, biographies and fiction. I read old school physical books. They present great opportunities for me to step away from the computer for a digital break but also to let new ideas come to me. The internet is so fast and most digital content is designed for short attention spans. It’s not the easiest way to absorb material and develop deep ideas.


The Everyday Neuro
I listen to this psychology and neuroscience podcast on a regular basis. Learn more about it or subscribe here.

The I Ching Weekly
In this podcast, Bobby Klein translates and interprets the Taoist philosophy book, the I Ching (3,000 BC). Every episode of this podcast provides fresh inspiration. Listen to this podcast here.


I don’t expect every fashion brand CEO will think these books, podcasts and supplements resonate, however, here’s one universal tip we should all get behind: learn new things.

Learn new things. Try new activities. Expose yourself to people, places and information you’ve never been exposed to before. You create neural pathways every time you learn something new. You’re literally “upgrading” your brain in the process. Learning sparks creativity and creativity is such an important force in business.

A healthy CEO is non-negotiable for a healthy business… what will you learn today?

Next Steps: Get More Wellness Insights

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