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#SwimLessonsLA Thursday @LineHotel

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Los Angeles 
Thursday July 10th, 2014 
The Line Hotel 
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What is a fashion buying cycle?

Answer by Syama Meagher:

A buying cycle refers to when buyers are “going to market” and placing orders. There are traditional times to buy: September (Spring), Feb (Fall), then there is Resort and  Pre-fall. While most businesses operate under this schedule, increasingly buyer are looking to make purchases all year in smaller quantities to as to provide continual newness.

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Suppose you have a business idea. After some research you discover that in the US this service is already being provided and quite popula…

Answer by Syama Meagher:

Yes, Competition is a great form of validation. Take a close look at what others are doing in your space, what are they doing well? What could improve? Those are your cues. Now make it better. Don’t forget to brand yourself in a unique way that separates you from the competition.

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